33 Awesome Things That Were Found Inside Prison Cells

Prison is a totally different world inside its walls. Although we do not motivate anyone to end up in prison. There are quite amazing things that go inside a prison. They have their own society; a gym, kitchen, dining area, hair-cutting area, a shop, a medical center, and many more. If so leave out the prisons where there are too much punishment and brutality, all the other prisons in the world provide the same setting and experience.

Although they have this social setting inside the prison, they are put in there for a reason. They will surely miss their regular lives, their families, children, jobs, and everything that they had to leave behind in order to be in jail.

When you are in jail, people get bored and in some prisons, they allow their inmates to create things that are later donated or sold in the shop or special events the prison administrations hold. The inmates are given the income of their creation which can be used to buy food or other things they are allowed to buy from the shop or to pay bills of their attornies and such.

Anyhow, this option makes the inmates do something that is worth their time in prison and to keeps them out of boredom. But sometimes, these creations, no matter how aesthetic or funny they are, are not allowed to be kept in possession. So, when the guards to their searches in the cells of inmates, they find different things that are in the possession of their inmates.

The subreddit Prisonwallet, is made for Redditers to post and share their stories or anything they have heard about these raids. So we decided to bring in some of the most interesting posts we found there for you.

Scroll down to check them out and let us know what you think about these things done and made by inmates. You can also upvote your favorites to the top of this list.

More info & Photo courtesy: Prisonwallet


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