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33 Japanese Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

Japan is a far East Asian country that almost every one in the world recognize for many reasons. It has the 3rd biggest growing economy in GDP rates. The country has a dense population which makes it the 11th biggest population in the world. It is also known for its culture and martial arts which influenced the world of entertainments since old days. Japanese products are known for being one of the best in the markets of vehicles, technology and science. Also one other reason for people to know Japan is the qualities of the Japanese people who abide by the laws and ethics of the society all the time!

So here we have gathered 33 facts that will highlight the Japanese culture apart from the other countries in the modern world. Scroll down to see how many of them you already know. Please vote your favourite fact that you were impressed with and leave your thoughts with us in the comments sections below!


Written by Alex Bradley

Reading, creative writing, poetry writing, language learning and grappling with literature have been my passions since I was young. Keen interest in cinematography and music feilds. Completed my Ordinary and Advanced levels in languages stream successfully. I have taken part in European Union missions in Sri Lanka. I have also completed my certificate courses in programming. And also a student and working in Tourism and Hotelling. Apart from writing, i am a vocalist and environmentalist.

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