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35+ Cute Photos Of Kittens Who Are Small & Adorable

Cats are a very proud set of pets there are in the world. They like to handle their own selves and not care about their hoomans. But they are not all that bad, when they feel cuddly and playful, nothing cheers them up like their hooman being around to play with.

They are very playful, no matter their age, size, or breed. Even though they are proud and like to have their own company, they love to hang out with their owners. Especially when they are young, they are just furballs. Fluffy and needy, they cling to their hooman owners all the time. It is very heart warming to see a young kitten who is small to fit your palm, hangs out with you no matter what you do.

The cat lovers will instantly understand what kind of awesome feeling this is. You can just grab the kitten and fit it right in your pocket! These cute little kittens can instantly make your day by just existing. If you are a person who loves fluffy animals and especially small kittens, there is a subreddit on Reddit which is named; “illegally smol cats“. This is a place where all the cat lovers share pictures of their adorably small kittens in this subreddit. People share their stories and pictures here and it is an awesome hub for a lot of cute kitty photos!

So, we collected a set of photos from this subreddit and listed them down for you. Scroll down to check them out and let us know what you think about all this cuteness on the list. You also can upvote on your favorite kitten to rank them higher.

More info & Photo courtesy: illegally smol cats


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