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35 Hilarious Photos From This Online Thread About "Awful Taste And Awful Execution" Will Astound You

It’s fascinating to discuss how different designs balance form and function. However, if something does not strive for balance, many people assume it must be either extremely beautiful or extremely functional.

How foolish! We’re here to demonstrate to you the absolutely awful design concepts that exist. Simply put, the workmanship and taste were both poor.

That’s where the online community “Awful Taste And Awful Execution” (also abbreviated as ATAAE) comes in. This is a subreddit with over 81k subscribers that celebrates everything disgusting.

There has been a Reddit subreddit called “Awful Taste And Awful Execution” since 2017. The ATAAE community has searched the internet for some of the most egregious insults to good taste in the last five or more years.

It’s perplexing how some people have no aesthetic awareness. It’s important to remember that there are objectively good and bad designs, even if our preferences can influence whether or not we find a design, product, or piece of art appealing.

User-centered designs always put the user first. We’ve gathered some of their best—or, should we say, worst—photos for you to enjoy.

The photos are a wonderful reminder that you may have far superior taste.


Written by Maria Silva

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