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35 Hilarious Photos Of Dogs In Wigs Are A Part Of An Online Challenge

Dogs have long been fabled for being the best friend of humans since the early stages of human civilization. Doggos are also the favorite pick as a pet in most of the homes all over the globe. Just like how people take part in a large number of online challenges, they also make challenges that their pets can take part in as well. 

This is a very creative, yet funny challenge which surfaced on Instagram recently. This is a photo challenge which is posted under the hashtag #dogwig. The challenge is to dress up your cute doggo in a wig and post a picture under the hashtag. The collection of photos under this hashtag is very funny. This challenge has also given the world a sample collection of photographs to check out how dogs will look if they had hair like ours. It becomes very interesting as some of these doggos pose with different emotions on their face, making them look very human-like. Whoever initiated this challenge has a very creative mind. It is awesome that now humans can share their lives with their pets and they also can share their online, social media life with them as well.

#dogwig challenge gives the pet owners a chance to make their beloved pets a partner on social media and this strengthens the bond between them even more. Adding to that, this will encourage people who don’t have a pet to adopt one and give them a loving home and family. We have collected some pictures under this hashtag and listed them below for you. Check them out scrolling down and do not forget to upvote the pictures that you like. Share your ideas in the comments sections as well.

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