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35 Instances Where Women Pulled Off Short Hairstyles Like A Boss

Hair is an element of fashion that almost every human posses from their birth. Hair is also one of the most distinguishing features in the appearance of a person. It is worn in different ways as the owner of it seems fit. As society has moved away from the old social norms of fashion a lot of fashion elements are fluid in modern society, long and short hair are not divided among the genders anymore.

The way you dress your hair adds up to your personality and a noticeable change to it can change your appearance and your personality with it. People try out different things to try different appearances to themselves, changing the hair length, coloring it, trying various hair cuts, and so on.

This article is about a Russian hairstylist who is very passionate about her clients. She is Kristina Katsabina who posts a lot of comparison pictures of her clients on social media. This caught our attention among the people who flock around her social media accounts to check out the different hair styling pictures.

So, we have collected some of her pictures that compare the “Before and After” pictures of some of her clients who have shortened their hair length. These changes have changed the looks of some of Katsabina’s clients’ looks with their hair. You can scroll down to check it out. Drop down your comments about what you think about the pictures listed below.

More info & Photo courtesy: Kristina Katsabina


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