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35 Mind Blowing Structures That Engineers All Over The World Are Inspired By

Just like everyone of us look up to very successful people or things in what we love. Incredible infrastructural applications are attracting many engineers all around the world as fans of them. The structure, physics and the overall beauty of these magnificent engineering products will amaze not only the engineers but also anyone who sets their eyes upon them.

Addressing this matter a set of reddit users started to post about very interesting infrastructure laid out. They have been discussing about very mind blowing elements in the world of engineering under the subreddit, which some communities disapprove for its name. This have a very interesting collection of very impressive buildings, bridges, tunnels and other sorts of constructions all over the globe. These are instances where science, math and the art of engineering have performed miracle-like operations to make them true. A lot of these structures have been made with the intentions of making the infrastructure while being hand-in-hand with the nature around it. These type of work should be encouraged and should be the goal of every engineer out there. The achievement of constructing infrastructure that does not obstruct the environment it is in, is a true medal to show off. 

The subreddit harbors more then 200K reddit users who post and discuss about these wonders. So, we have collected some of these posts to list them down for you. Scroll down to check these mind blowing infrastructure which looks more like art than a construction. Comment down your thoughts about it while you upvote your favorite one to the top of this list meanwhile. 

More info & Photo courtesy: Reddit.


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