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39 Digital Art Work Edits That Relates To The Dark States Of The Mind

Mind is a very strange, but a powerful entity that works in mysterious ways. Sometimes you can be really bright and creative. But some times it can have thoughts that can make you feel down and isolate you in a spiral of depressing dark thoughts. 

As humans we all go through such processes in our day to day lives. This is Pulkit Kamal. He is very good in Photoshop manipulations and he does his work under the pseudo name of @artofpolka. For many months now, Kamal has been using pictures with open licenses to do his photoshop manipulations that resembled his states of mind as well. He has also been relating these edits with poems and quoting that he finds online and also from his own novel that he has written. These artwork is usually takes a very surrealistic, dark and dreamy appearance. He has been receiving a lot of positive comments from people who come across his work due to his skills in photoshop and also in relating the thoughts inside our minds to these edits.

Listed below are some of the artwork of @artofpolka. He likes to lay out stories with his artwork, rather than being a mere photo that is visually pleasing. Please scroll down and enjoy his artwork and you can also follow the link mentioned below to his Facebook profile where you can find more of his work and about his novel/poems. Feel free to share your thoughts about these artwork in the comments sections below.

More info & Photo courtesy: Facebook

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