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39 Funny Photos Of Adults Ruining Children's Coloring Books

Among the things people do in their free time, there are a lot of things that let you become creative. One of those things is color books. You can grab a color book where the outlines are sketched for you, all you have to do is to color the picture using your creativity. There are separate coloring books for children and adults. Children’s books have a lot of simple art of animals and cartoon characters, while adult books have more complicated art of almost everything. 

But this article is about a few times where adults took children’s coloring books and made the art in it to a totally adult-ish level. Some might see it as being funny and creative, while some might see it as ruining children’s coloring books. But, either way, these people should have explosive imaginations to come up with these ideas and color them up to make it happen.

As there is a community for almost everything on the internet. Reddit users too, have created a subreddit for this; r/ColoringCorruptions. In this subreddit, people share photos and stories about turning children’s coloring books into adult-colored pictures. Most of them are very funny and made with a lot of creativity.

With a lot of members, counting over 176K Redditers in this subreddit, they all t=actively talk about ruining children’s art books by coloring them in a very adult-ish context. It has evolved from a subreddit to a website as well. The users see this as adults being creative and letting their adult perspective of things flow out freely than seeing it as ruining children’s art.

These pictures have received a lot of attention on social media. So, we decided to collect some of them for you and list them below. Scroll down to check them out and you can upvote your favorites to the top of the list. Do not forget to share your thoughts in the comments sections as well.

More info & Photo courtesy: r/ColoringCorruptions | website


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