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50 Awesome 3D Graffiti Art Created By This French Artist

Graffiti art was considered as an act of vandalism, and it is still an act of vandalism to smear paint on public or private property without permission. However, the art form and the application has been made into a proper accepted art form that is practiced by artists, with permission of course. They are still being done in public spaces and that is why it still is Graffiti.

But when you check out some of this artwork on public spaces, they are quite creative and these artists have used the given space they have to work to the maximum. They use the structure, the background, colors, the angles that they are viewed from, and almost everything that they can bind their art with. You can call it the “Street knowledge”. And the people who were the most creative identified their talent and put their talent into use in a proper way that it can be an accepted profession.

‘Braga Last One’ is the name that one skillful French graffiti artist goes by. His talent is mindblowing since he is very talented in using the given space to create amazing 3D effects on his art. Tom Bragado Blanco is his real name and he comes from Marseille. He is a master illusionist in the streets. Using his still and paint to create magic in a really illustrative manner.

From a street artist who used to do minor jobs, he has risen to get the attention of a lot of people. Now he can showcase his talent all over the world and he already gets a lot of invitations to get graffiti done. This is how you become clever with your art. Blanco is no more a person who vandalizes but he is a famous artist who gets invited to do art in huge, commercial places where he gets paid to do his art!

With a huge following on social media, he is reaching the top of his game, doing the art he loves as a job. Scroll down to check out the set of amazing graffiti art that we collected for you. You can also upvote your favorite photos out of these to the top of this list by upvoting. Please feel free to share your thoughts about this creative artist in the comments sections below as well.

More info & Photo courtesy: braga_last_one | Facebook