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40 Funny Architecture Fails That Had To Be Put On Twitter

A lot of funny fails happen to people on a daily basis. Even though it is a complete letdown and the opposite of what you wished for, the hilarious quality of what happened overcomes everything that is ruled out to be funny. We find a lot of funny things of the sort on the internet every single day.

This applies even to the most valuable and permanent plans and choices that we make in life. When we say permanent it includes our houses as well. People have a lot of hopes and dreams put into their houses when they build one. Not to mention the huge process and the amount of money that a person has to devote to making his home is a huge investment.

But no matter how permanent and costly it is. There are people who manage to make it look ridiculous in the end. Back in the day, you will just see a ridiculously made house or hear about it. But since social media has become a constant element of people’s daily life now and you can find thousands of similar posts and stories within seconds.

Just like we find groups and accounts dedicated to specific things, we came across a Twitter account that was dedicated to ‘house fails’. Even if people have the freedom to create their own designs on their own houses, a house should have a necessary amount of aesthetic and relaxation in its built. It might be the owner or sometimes a playful architect, but the houses that end up getting published on this Twitter account have managed to do something or the other messed up.

If you love to have a good laugh, this is a perfect article for you. Scroll down to check out a bunch of posts that have been published by this Twitter account. You can upvote on the worst fails that you think of and also share your thoughts in the comments sections as well.

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