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40 Fabulous Rainbows That People Caught In Their Photos

Life is not Unicorns and rainbows. But it can be if you manage to find one! All jokes aside, rainbows are one of the most amazing and colorful phenomena of nature that we get to experience every now and then.

For ages, people have marveled at this cool illusion. You can find references and stories relating to rainbows from almost every time period in the world. But the explanation for it is that the light hits water droplets in the atmosphere creating a colorful spectrum that we call a rainbow. This is usually created as an arch over a wide area, some say you might find a treasure at the end of the rainbow while others say it is the blessing of God to protect Earth. One way or the other, there is one thing that every person agrees with, it is that ‘everyone loves rainbows’, period.

So this phenomenon is not only limited to the sky, anywhere a light beam goes through a medium that will create a spectrum, it will break down to those 7 colors. Luckily, we have developed our technology enough to carry a camera with us almost all the time and that allows us to capture a photograph anytime we get the chance to. This made a lot of spontaneous things being caught on camera and rainbow effects on any and everywhere is one of the cool things that are captured by people.

As much as it is to capture on camera, it is very easy and fast to share it with everybody in the world through the internet. So, we came across some amazing photos of rainbow colors captured by people all over the world. Scroll down and check out some of these cool pictures that we listed down for you. you can also rank your favorite picks to the top of this list by upvoting. Leave us your thoughts in the comments sections below.


Written by Alex Bradley

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