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40 Most Weirdest Wedding Photos

Weddings are a traditional ceremony in each  country, owning up to its traditions and generally having a blast. But some of the time, you might wish that you never had been invited to some of the weddings that you have been.

Some of the time, it is just pure chaos at the wedding or just too many people trying to make it perfect. Basically it just need a bit of a nudge to turn the joyous occasion to a classic wedding disaster. Some of the people would just try to make it fancy as possible while others prefer to have more of a casual look or to make it simpler. It might be a guest who is overdressed, the couple who is very underdressed and maybe even a weird agenda note on your table that looks more likely a threat, what ever it is, it is a great recipe for disaster.

But you might not have seen weddings or weddings moments like the 40 instances which we have collected and listed below. Scroll down to check them out and vote your favourite wedding fail to the top. Also, remember to leave your thoughts with us in the comments sections below!


Written by Alex Bradley

Reading, creative writing, poetry writing, language learning and grappling with literature have been my passions since I was young. Keen interest in cinematography and music feilds. Completed my Ordinary and Advanced levels in languages stream successfully. I have taken part in European Union missions in Sri Lanka. I have also completed my certificate courses in programming. And also a student and working in Tourism and Hotelling. Apart from writing, i am a vocalist and environmentalist.

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