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40+ Photos Of Halloween Pumpkins Carved In Amazing Designs

Pumpkins are one of the most signature accessories that are seen almost everywhere when Halloween closes in. Pumpkins have been carved as spooky faces for this worldwide celebration since a long time back. This tradition came into existence originating from Ireland. The spooky face or the “jack-o’-lantern” was carved and left outside the house to scare away the evil spirits on Halloween. But now it has taken an aesthetic turn in the modern day.

Studio Ghibli is a popular movie producing studio that is responsible for 6 of the 10 highest grossing movies made in Japan. With a huge amount of awards and international recognition, the studio introduces a new way of pumpkin carving this Halloween season. They invite everyone to carve their favorite scene or character on the pumpkins rather than sticking to the usual “jack-o’-lantern”. This compelling pumpkin art has managed to capture the love of the fans of these movies.

Although this company has created a few movies, they are best known for their astounding anime production. So, a lot of these pumpkin carvings that the studio and their fans create, are based on a lot of anime scenes. This trend has created a lot of diverse pumpkin art which are being shared on the internet. 

Now, you can chill with your favorite anime characters around you this Halloween season. If you are not familiar with this movie production company, you can go have a look at their website, they have a pretty cool set of Japanese anime. In the meantime, we have listed a set of photos of this awesome trend where people have carved awesome scenes on Pumpkins and they look amazing when lit. Share your details in the comments section as you scroll through the list below.

More info & Photo courtesy: The Studio Ghibli Collection


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