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40 Pictures Of Things People Found With Metal Detectors

A lot of people all around the world use metal detectors to go on treasure hunting as a hobby. Some times it actually is more than the amount that you think since it is not publicly seen very often. Some people find rings, coins, old tin cans and some lucky people were able to detect treasures that are worth around millions of dollars.

It is a totally different type of hobby, with the constant beeping sounds and the digging that sometimes surprise you and the other times it might disappoint you. Its the hope and ambition that keeps you going on no matter how many detours you take until you hit the bulls-eye.

This was brought up to the conversation on a subreddit r/MetalDetecting, inviting people to share their metal detector treasure hunting stories about their coolest founding. From small pieces of metal to even entire motor bicycles were discovered. Scroll down to see what people posted on what they have found so far. Follow the link to the subreddit to read more of the stories. Share your ideas in the comments sections below as you rank your favourite story to the top!

More info: r/MetalDetecting


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