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40 Things That Almost Everyone Does but Is Silent About

Being alone yourself is unmatched in its benefits. It’s a place where no judgment is made at all; there is no need to impress others, no disappointment when expectations are not met, and no odd glances when you speak gibberish aloud in a room full of strangers.

Interestingly, some of the most peculiar behavior occurs when we are alone. We hardly ever talk about the things we do because they are so arbitrary. Ever. Like doing a remote trace or placing your feet in line with the tiles to avoid dying.

We all do strange things that we would never dare to admit, not even in truth or dare.

#3 Staying Sleepy

Younger generations' use of humor in communication and media consumption is crucial. But Gen Z and millennials are well known for what is known as absurdist, surrealist, and sometimes dark humour that is filled with dank memes and observant one-liners.


Understanding the environment in which the youngest generations grew to live is necessary to grasp their sense of humor. According to The Washington Post, the globe has been awash in information during the last ten years that is "both more accessible and less credible." On social media, "brands pretend to be friends with millennial consumers, and the distinction between genuine and fake matters less than it formerly did."


#6 Birthday Greetings

Another interpretation is that such absurd comedy is an attempt to make sense of a reality that no longer makes sense. The Adult Swim style of humor is intended to "represent the frantic spread of information on the internet," claims Andrew DeYoung, director of 555 and editor of The Eric Andre Show. And as a result, the majority of their programs are disorganized and ridiculous.


The traditional punchline structure doesn't function online since there isn't enough time to say a narrative joke. For Rachel Aroesti of The Guardian, "things are humorous because they are purposefully startling and odd instead." A wonderful illustration of how millennials dissect jokes, remove them from context, and produce absolute unpredictability is weird Twitter and crazy dank memes.



Written by Judy Philomen

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