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40 Times Cats Ended Up In Places They Shouldn't Have

Cats are really fuzzy hairballs that would curl up on you lap, arms, on your bed and hangs out with you affectionately. But on the down side of that, they seem to believe that they own you and your house, not the other way around. It is funny how they walk around the house as if they own it with their huge egos.

Despite of all those negative things, cats are loved all around the world and are found very commonly as domestic pets. They does not need much maintenance to be put in, when we compared with other types of domesticated pets.

Just because they are comfortable around anyone, anywhere and anytime, they can end up in all kinds of places, most of the time very hilariously. They like to discover and fit into anything they an possibly get in, boxes of all sorts and sizes, shoes, very tiny spaces and many more. So, here we have collected a bunch of pictures when cats were comfortably found in place where they were not supposed to be in the first time. It is hilarious the way that these cats doesn’t care at all. Scroll down to check them out and vote your favourite picture to the top. Please do not forget to share your what you think about these cats in the comments sections below!

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Written by Alex Bradley

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