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41 Photos Of 11 Children With Their Farm Animals By Their Mother

This is a very cute combination of subjects who appear in this specific photoshoot, two of the most adorable things in the world; Children and Animals. Both of these two types are young and free. They both enjoy the life and everything around them without being bothered by the problems of the world around them.

This mother of 11, Lisa Holloway who lived in Arizona in their little farm with Chicken, Rabbits and Donkeys. As they were living hand in hand with the nature, everything seemed so colorful and beautiful than the buzz of the city. Children can run around and spend their childhood as very free souls. They have it even better since the animals of the farm liked them as well. The children would hang around and pet these animals, bonding with them over the time. With the love for photography, her children, the animals and the nature, Holloway decided to do this very lovely photoshoot right on their farm. These photos document the love that engulfs everybody and a life well spent on these lands while they connect with the nature.

Scroll down to check out this adorable photoshoot that Holloway captured. Please comment down your ideas & thoughts about this photoshoot and the bond that they share with the nature.

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