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42 Amazing Photos Of Socotra, A Place Which Looks Like A Totally Different Planet

This Planet is one of the most unique things in the universe that we know of. Perfect combinations of every single thing and the co-existence of trillions and trillions of processes together. This is the Planet we live on; Earth.

The Earth is so diverse and cohesive at the same time. There are many mysteries and wonders to be unraveled yet. This article brings you one of such wonders that you might not believe its true. This is a place named Socotra Island. Off the coast of Somalia, this Island is located in the Indian Ocean and is a Yemeni Island. It is very special because of the population of the Dragon trees on the island. Known as Dracaena Cinnabari, these trees looks like giant umbrellas or mushrooms from a distance. Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage, this island does not have much of a human interaction. These trees have been known to have a lot of medical and other values in them, other than being an alien species of trees. This island also has a number of sand dunes which stretch across the coast as well. Another attractive element of this island are the Bottle trees that have a different shape of trunks and very pretty flowers on its shoots. This Island put together, is a totally different experience than any other terrain on Earth. The fact that it is isolated as an island makes it protect its uniqueness unharmed.

Kristina Makeeva, AKA hobopeeba recently posted a set of magical photos from her visit to Socotra Island. Take a gander and you will surely be awed in wonder of this amazing place on Earth. Scroll through the list and do let us know that you think about it. Follow the links mentioned below for more information.

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