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45 ‘Horror’ Dressing Up Done By A 7-Year-Old Girl

Fashion is something that everybody loves to excel in. Many movies, cartoons, TV series, and other forms of entertainment feature characters with iconic and really amazing costumes. As these stories and characters are loved by the fans, their costumes are too loved and remembered by people all over the world.

With this love for the characters blended in with the subject of fashion, cosplay takes an independent stand in Pop culture. Different people all over the world try to recreate certain characters using their specific fashion style and make-up to mimic the character. There are all sorts of events and programs that are solely based on cosplay. But this article is about one specific and one special 7-year-old who has been absolutely amazing at cosplay.

When we imagine a 7-year-old doing cosplay, anyone would imagine a cartoon character or something off of a fairy tale. But not this young girl. Coral DeGraves is in mad love with horror characters, unlike the other 7-year-old girls who prefer princesses, she dives straight into terrifying characters. With her love for the horror movie genre, her mother Cheyenne completely supports her to let her dreams come true.

With the help of her mom, Coral gets into character by getting amazing costumes and make-up that definitely puts her into the exact character. When we look past the make-up and the costume, the young girl is so enthused by this that she clearly knows how to pose for the camera, falling into the character herself.

She has been in around 60 horror-based characters with the help of her mother. Her wonderful appearance and her great posing have made her popular on social media where her pictures are posted. A lot of people are amazed by the styling of this girl and also by her taste. Her pictures are being viewed and shared all over the world which is followed by loads of positive comments.

We have collected some of her cosplay photos for you. You can check them out below on a list we prepared. Please share your thoughts about Coral’s cosplay in the comments sections and you can upvote your favorite character out of the lot as well.

More info & Photo courtesy: Coral DeGraves | Facebook


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