45 Most Hilarious Tech Fails That People Have Presented Tech Support Asking For Help

Technology has taken over the world ever since it came into existence. It boosts our efficiency in almost every field of work. Yet it is very sophisticated  and complex sets of machinery that are best to best to be left for the professionals to be meddled with in a case of a repair or issue.

There are small and simples things that we can handle ourselves such as, resetting, plugging in and out or even basic cleaning. But some of us get carried away by watching on YouTube video and experiments things on their own devices, which most of the time results in damage to the device, lost of data and sometimes damage beyond repair. 

This is a list of photos collected from a subreddit where people in tech support share stories of clients who brought in devices or sent pictures of them that were too horrible to look at. The best part of it is that most of the issues were self inflicted by the owner to their own device. This is the reason why you do not tread unknown waters. Well, people are just who they are, they will never stop doing dumb things every once in a while. So, we have listed down some photos from the subreddit r/TechSupportGore and we want you to rate what’s the most hilarious issue from this list by voting it to the top. Also do not forget to share your ideas in the comments section below.

More info and Photo courtesy: r/TechSupportGore