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45 Scenes Created With Miniature Action Figures

Photography is a form of art that has a very wide spectrum. This is an artist / Photographer who has explored into another creative approach in photography. Jared Middleton or more known on social media platforms as  Sirdork is not only a photographer, but he is also a devoted action figure collector.

This set of photographs taken by Middleton is very creative since he used his movie action figures to create realistic scenes based on their respective movies. He used natural elements of Earth, water, dust and also additional effects using flares, fires and other props. This fusion of these elements and the action figures, is captured by Middleton and it results in a very cinematic level photoshoot. He has based this photoshoot around his favourite movies such as Star Wars and The Justice League.

He has been receiving many followers on social media platforms since he started to create these very cinematic, concept photoshoots. You can follow the links mentioned below to view more of his work on his social media accounts as well as his own website. Listed below for you is a collection of pictures from his photo shoots along with a peak of behind the scenes. Please let us know your thoughts by commenting in the comments sections as you rank your favourite scene to the top!

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