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49 Awesome Photos That Plant Lovers Post About Their Plants

A lot of people in the world today take their own time and don’t rush to have children. It is a bit obvious with the changing world, professions and the current world issues of people. But they do have other things to take care of and spend their attention on. Pets have been a thing for a long time in society, but there is a new trend that people are really hyped about. People in the world have shown more and more interest in growing and taking care of house-plants more than ever.

A lot of people fill their homes and apartments with all sorts of domestic plants and take care of them as if they are the children of these plant owners. This hobby is very wholesome and for some, it is therapeutic. This is the exact reason that Reddit users gathered to the r/houseplants subreddit, to view, share, and post stories about each other’s plants. It is a beautiful place where you will find people finding their peace and happiness in their plants.

Just like children, the plants will grow from small buds or seeds to become plants that their owners will take care of and be proud of them. In this subreddit, a lot of people share the beautiful flowers that they keep in their houses with love.

We collected a set of posts that people have shared on this subreddit with the world. If you own or grow plants at your home, we are sure that you can relate to the emotions that they express. So scroll down to check out what we have got you and let us know what you think about these awesome house plants in the comments section. Also, if you are a proud plant owner, share your beautiful plant with us in the comments section, we are so happy to receive photos of your plants with love!

More info & Photo courtesy: r/houseplants


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