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50 Interesting Buildings That Are Planned To Look Very Cool And Unique

Architects and Engineers build a lot of buildings around the world. Trends and Monumental structures pop up from time to time in the construction industry as well. In the modern world we can see a lot of really creative structural designs being applied when building up a construction. But, as much as they are creative, they should be practical as well.

Some do request for innovative designs while they are well aware that these structures won’t be practical in its use. Might be just for the looks of it or might be the practicality bit pushed with an addition of looks. But the most impressive feat is that these structures have been designed and built as they were planned. Using conventional and unconventional methods in constructions, we can see these sorts of buildings being erected throughout the course of time. But in the modern world with the advanced fields of construction and engineering, these sorts of projects are being done more than ever.

To share news about these types of constructions, Reddit users have gathered around a specific subreddit of ‘Bizarre Buildings’. They share pictures and discuss amongst themselves about these wonderful, funny, elegant or even unpractical products of modern day engineering. With proper structural integrity, these buildings can hold up for a time. So, we have gathered some pictures from the subreddit and listed them down for you. Checkout these modern and a bit old sets of constructions and their odd nature while upvoting your picks to the top. Do not forget to comment down your ideas in the comments sections as well.

More info & Photo courtesy: Bizarre Buildings