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50 Of Very Creepy Designing Fails Of Things That Are Out In The Public

People design a lot of things every day, which is out in the market. Every single thing is designed by someone, which is not made out of nowhere. Even being made with a human intervention on its design process, still some things tend to look horrible when it becomes a finished product. The worst part is that the manufacturers or the establishment who use or sell them does not find it weird as well.

Some of the times, it is not just a product that is to be sold, some times it might be an advertisement or some public structure that is open to the public. People have found things weird and funny all the time. But there is another step to the worse side of things. It is when these weird things start to look more weird and creepy than turning out to be funny. It is very disturbing since most of these are used in child relating activities. People have been posting about these very uncomfortably weird things that they find in their day to day lives under the subreddit r/CreepyDesign.

Here are some of those reddit posts that we have collected. They may or may not give you nightmares. Scroll down to check out this set of photos that we have listed below and upvote what you think is the creepiest out of the following to the top of the list. Feel free to share and discuss your ideas in the comments sections in the meantime.

More info & Photo courtesy:  r/CreepyDesign


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