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50 People Who Deeply Regret Online Shopping

Online shopping is fantastic! The convenience and prices are unrivaled, and there’s the added thrill of not knowing exactly what you’ll get, and when you do get it, you might have forgotten that you ordered it in the first place – just like receiving a gift from yourself!

Shopping online is a great way to save money, but it can also be a hilarious, if not unfortunate, experience. Here at Bored Panda, we have compiled a list of amusing online shopping fails, such as the famous painting of the Great Wave of Kanagawa made entirely of pugs, a chair so small that it can only be used by ants, a massive unicorn float, and many other online scams and perfect examples of crappy design. All of these deals can put you on the wish list,

Scroll down to see the hilarious mishaps and shoddy product designs for yourself and learn from these hilarious online shopping fails!


Written by Maria Silva

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