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50 Different But Simple Tattoos That Will Look Cool On You

Getting a tattoo is a simple act in modern society, it is not frowned upon as it was back in the day. Now, it is more of a fashion choice that people make. However, even when you are going to be inked, there are a lot of options. You will find yourself trying to get lost among a lot of tattoo artists and among various types of tattoo types.

But when you come into tattooing as a beginner you will always have specific designs that you would love to get. These designs might not match you or they would not have any specific meaning behind them. But you will always want to get it. Getting the first tattoo is not always a purpose of getting an aesthetic one, it is mostly about getting the work done and becoming a person with tattoos in their skin. You might later relate to your first tattoo in a different and in memorable way, or you might have just screwed it up so bad that the second tattoo will be a cover-up of your first.

However, the journey as a tattoo collector is awesome. On this journey, you will learn a lot of new things and make a lot of new friends along the way. And at the end, even if you are a heavily tattooed person or not you will always find sentimental value in each and every piece of art on your skin always.

So, for all the people who are looking forward to collecting tattoos. We collected some simple but pretty awesome sets of tattoos that might be your first tattoo. The first one is the one that you have to go with your gut. There are no rule books or anything for this, it is a journey of self-awareness in tattooing and for that, you will have to start by having a leap of faith.

So scroll down and have a look at the collection of tattoo sample photos that we have listed for you. You can upvote your picks to the top and let us know which of these ones you like.


Written by Alex Bradley

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