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50 Times This Artist Morphed Reality & Fiction Seamlessly

With the use of the internet, photography and art have transferred to become digital art and photography. These digitalized forms are much better than their old ways in almost every aspect. With that, the era of digital artists began. Now, there are many types and forms of new digital art in existence and all of these art forms, in general, have been developing at high rates.

This article introduces you to a very talented artist who creates amazing surrealistic art. Meet Martijn Schrijver, he is known for his skill in binding reality with fiction and presenting it in a very realistic art form that might almost fool people. He usually uses landscape photos to create this surrealistic edit. Editing animal figures and compositions in the photo of any landscape, he successfully creates photos where you might think that animals have turned into components of nature in a very aesthetic nature.

Martijn uses Photoshop to create his editing. And he has been doing a very good job of it for so long. This artist from Amsterdam mentioned that she loves nature and he likes to apply his creative skills to art that are references to Nature.

He invites everyone to check out more of his work on his website and social media accounts. You can find the links mentioned below as well. In the meantime, we collected some of his awesome work that will make you doubt if these are real or fiction for a split second. Upvote your pick out of these edits to the top of this list and let us know what you think about this cool talent of this digital artist.

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