50 Times When Animals Found Their Forever Home

Every animals deserves to be happy and safe. It is very sad to see many animal left abandoned on the streets every single day. The animal shelters can only facilitate to its maximum capacity. So, it is our responsibility to be better people by adopting a lost soul, to give and receive love for their lifetime.

When you adopt an abandoned animal, you will be giving it the best time of their lives with a huge amount of love to them and they will love you unconditionally forever. It will improve your empathy and might even change your personal life drastically in a positive way. Having a pet at home makes the home a stress free place since no matter how bad you are it will instantly vanish with the undying love of your pet. 

Please take an initiation to help or donate to a local shelter, rescue and save poor lives of abandoned animals than ordering to make luxury breeds of dogs on demand. These actions will make you better humans and you will be a life changer. In return, they will be your best buddy through out their lives and they will make a huge positive impact on your lives for sure. Listed below are 50 instances where animals were saved, accepted or taken into loving arms, giving them a loving forever home. Please scroll down to check them out and vote your favourite one to the top. Share your thoughts in the comments sections below as well!

More info: Best Friends Animal Society 


Written by Alex Bradley

Reading, creative writing, poetry writing, language learning and grappling with literature have been my passions since I was young. Keen interest in cinematography and music feilds. Completed my Ordinary and Advanced levels in languages stream successfully. I have taken part in European Union missions in Sri Lanka. I have also completed my certificate courses in programming. And also a student and working in Tourism and Hotelling. Apart from writing, i am a vocalist and environmentalist.

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