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54 Of The Funniest Notes From Parents

If you have children, you are familiar with the many joys and difficulties of parenthood. The kids may occasionally be adorable angels sent from heaven, but most of the time you want to scream at them as being spoiled little brats. Everyone is aware that screaming and anger are ineffective solutions, so the best course of action may be to leave a funny, detached message reprimanding or instructing your little devil.

This list includes the best parenting memes in addition to the funniest letters from dads and hilarious texts from mom with instructions for the WiFi password for that day. We are certain that this is parenting done right after you scroll down to see a list of hilarious notes that parents left for their children. They’ll definitely make you smile or at the very least make you laugh! Please feel free to add any jokes or parent-related memes of your own.


Written by Maria Silva

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