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54 Rare Historic Photographs You've Probably Never Seen Before

When you read a history article or story, you usually get mostly dry facts and your imagination. However, an amazing photograph provides something unique. It shows you how everything actually looked, allowing you to better understand the historical moment. Whether it’s a historical landmark, a famous person, or random old pictures from the past, they all have fascinating stories to tell, and we’re about to show you some of them.

The brave photojournalists who captured these fascinating images witnessed the carnage of wars, documented the development of an atomic bomb, and captured stills of the most magnificent structures under construction. You may be unaware that Tel-Aviv was once nothing more than sand dunes, or that someone looks after literally falling from space. Continue scrolling to see Bored Panda’s collection of rare historical photos that may change your perspective on these pivotal moments.

Have you ever wondered how historical black-and-white photos would look if they were restored in color?