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54 Surrealistic Interior Designs

Interior designing is an art that can create wonderful things within a given space. But how much can you extend the reality with what you are given? This artist tests the limits that he can go with his interior designs.

The name of this talented artist is Victor Zastolskiy. He works as an interior designer and he is also a 3D modeling artist. He tries to create amazing creations that only a mind could hold, by joining both of his skill sets together. He has been incorporating real life aspects into a real life environment of interior design, but the way he puts everything together and render them makes it surrealistic. His work has attracted a lot of attention on the social media platforms. So, we have collected 54 of his designs for you. Please scroll down to check the amazing work of Victor and visit his websites to view the rest of his work there. Vote your favourite interior design to the top and please do not forget to share your thoughts in the comments sections below as well!

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