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55+ Pics Of Instagram Vs Reality Portrayed By German Influencer

Today, technology and social media have become some of the main aspects of our life. There is no day that we go on without using these apps or maintaining our cyber lifestyles with our devices. It has made life easier, fun, educational and much exciting. But has it really made any one better when we consider social media? Hardly.

Meet Geraldine West, a German influencer who has seen the duality of the social media lives of people in contrast to the real life scenarios. So, she took it up to herself to create content which shows people how contrast are their social media and real lives are. Once she started doing it, she so more and more flaws in our social media lives. Since the posts are funny yet relatable to many in very high rates, West’s content was spread across the cyber platforms in a high rate.

This gained her a lot of attention on her social media profiles. A lot of people visited her profile to see and share her content. She has unmasked the ‘filtered’ fake lifestyle of us on social media, exposing who we really are. So, if you are feeling low about yourself while comparing yourself to the glamourous lifestyles of others on the internet, visit Geraldine West. You can have a good laugh at the reality which everyone is hiding from the public. Scroll down to check out some of the photos that we have collected for you. Vote what you think  the best out of them to the top and do not forget to leave your thoughts in the comments sections below!

More info & Photo courtesy: Geraldine West