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57 Fantasy Toys That Turned Out To Be Cute And Creepy At The Same Time

Toys are very cute and adorable, made mostly for kids but no one prohibits adults in owning them and keeping them by their side as well. Toys are a popular item that is found in almost every home. Everybody loves them, specially when they are fantasy creatures who are magical. They make your time with them special.

This about a toymaker lelea_creatures. She is known within the online community for making very cute and fantasy-like toys. They are hand made and almost every toy is unique since everything is hand made and designed each time it is being made. She uses polymer clay and artificial fur to create these very interesting toys. She has been in the industry of making these toys of a kind for a while now. After they are made, Lele puts them up online to be sold and business has been good. She promotes her product by posting them on Instagram where she is very popular for her toys. Her latest collection of fantasy animals are made with love, the bright colors and the very peculiar structures makes them look very adorable and cute at the same time. These toys are spoken of, as ‘Cute aliens’ within the online community.

So, we decided to put up some of her latest collection of toys and let you be the judge to decide if they are cute or creepy. Scroll down to view these toys as you can upvote the items to your preference. Comment down the thoughts and ideas that you want to share with us in the comments sections below.

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