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59 Wonderful Shades Of People All Around The World Documented By Photographer

The color of the skin has been a factor that a lot of people have used to tag and separate people through out the course of time. But the skin and its color has given the people, the beauty of diversity and exotic appearances which are not factors that should divide and factorize humans. The diversity is the reason why humans should be bound to each other so that they can share the different elements of their cultures and social aspects that they are based from.

Understanding that true beauty comes from diversity. The talented Brazilian photographer Angélica Dass, who is originally from Rio De Janeiro, presents her special piece of art; Humane. This is a collection of photos which she obtained by travelling across the globe to capture them herself. Visiting different corners of the world, Dass managed to capture different people against a white background. Later she colored it based on a specific point on each person’s nose to declared the specific color to be put as the background. This was done in reference to the Pantone color palette and this project consists more than 200 different pictures of people with different color shades. Her plan, by presenting her project to the world is to carry the message that no one is uniform and through diversity, we should build up unity.

So, we have collected some of her project’s pictures online. They are listed below and you can see the diversity of people as you scroll through. Please share your ideas down in the comments sections below as well.

More info & Photo courtesy: angélica dass