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60 Fashion Based Items Created By Using Materials Found Day To Day

Fashion is a widely spread form of art that have been around the world every since humans started to cover themselves. It has been evolving, conceptualizing and being inventing newer and newer fashion trends every year.

This is about another new collection of fashion lines that have been created. Coming from artist Gab Bois from Montreal. This is a new fashion line which was curated by the use of every day materials that are found at our homes. Can be food, can be accessories or even with plastic. You can follow Bois on Instagram and check out more of these amazing content if you follow the links mentioned below.

A collection of pictures have been shared onto the article below, you can scroll down and rank your favourite fashion concept to the top. Also, do not forget to drop your ideas down in the comments section as well.

More info & Photo courtesy: Gab Bois