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60 Sculptures Made Using Marble, But They Are Only Delicately Made Mini Sculptures

The Roman and Greek architectural awakening is one of the most flashiest elements of that era in the world. They started to sculpt out perfectly aesthetic architecture with marble and stone with expert leveled artistry. Inspired by those iconic style of sculpturing, modern day British sculpturing artist Matthew Simmonds presents his own collection of intricately designed sculptures.

One specialty of this collection is that this collection consists of actual three-dimensional sculptures from the actual material that his inspirational sculptures were done by. The other reason why these sculptures are special is that they are not in real life scale. They are miniature pieces which reflects on large scale buildings, but they have all the other sculpting properties to them. His art work was shared and viewed by a lot of people on his social media accounts. 

So, we have decided to bring you some of his beautiful sculptures on this article. We have listed a collection of them below, you can scroll down to view these amazing pieces of art and also rank your favourite item up meanwhile. Do not forget to comment down your ideas on these miniature sculptures done by this very talented British sculpturing artist. Follow the links mentioned below to view more of his work.

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