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64 'Sticker' Tattoos By This Master Tattoo Artist Looks As If They Are Pasted On The Skin

Tattoos are coming out to the society as a fashion accessory, away from the age that the art was considered taboo and as an unacceptable act. With its acceptance in the society, the industry moves forward to be more aesthetic, diverse and develop in every way possible. With tattoo artist coming into the industry all the time, everyone has their own style and something they look up to. 

In this case, we have spotted a very talented artist Luke Cormier, who specializes in a style of tattooing which he is really fond of. The term, ” Stick on like a sticker”, comes with the neo traditions and styles of tattooing of this art with highly vibrant and illustrative artwork done with high skill. But this artist who calls himself, hits the mark when doing a sticker tattoo. We can just an illustrative tattoo of our choice, just like the stickers that we pasted on our bodies as children. The color, precision, illustration and the skill to give it a 3D effect; makes his work look as if they pop off the skin. He has always loved this art and he has been practicing what inspired him. This happens when an artist truly pursues what he loves and gets to do it as a job, the result will be just happy memories and quality work.

Cormier keep his TikTok and Instagram accounts updated with his work and other news of the tattoo world. His accounts are visited by tattoo lovers all over the world and his content is being shared globally. So we have decided to bring some of this very interesting pictures of Luke Cormier’s sticker tattoos. You can upvote your favorite artwork as you scroll though the list below. Also, do not forget to share your ideas and thoughts in the comments sections below.

More info & Photo courtesy: | Instagram