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66 Sneaker Designs That Match Real Life Vehicles

Attention all sneakerheads, this is specially presented for you. Non sneakerheads, check this amazing story out. Meet Niek Pulles, a concept designer who works for Nike, noticed how vehicles are quite similar in the design flow to shoes.

Struck with inspiration, he started to collect vehicle images as random as possible. Then he created concept designed shoes to match the vehicle. Anything that is created has to be inspired by something or someone at some point in its process. Also, every day there are special edition products all over the market, they usually are inspired by something very specific and matches with it in color or built.

So, Niek built up concept designs for Nike shoes that matches the collected pictures of vehicles. They resemble the vehicles in built and also in color. Scroll down to check these amazing set of concept shoe designs along side of the vehicle that inspired the artist to create the design. Vote your favourite design to the top and do not forget to share your thoughts with us in the comments sections below!

More info & Photo courtesy: Instagram | Foundation.App | Heyniek | Facebook | Twitter