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69 Photos Of A Cat Which Gets To Travel Everywhere With Its Owner

Pets are practically our family. We love them so much and keep them around us as our daily companions. Cats are one of the most popular types of animals that are domestically adopted by people. Usually the owners play with them or even take them on walks, but they are mostly home or areas which are close to home. 

This cat enjoys its life in a totally different way. Even though cats are known to be proud and lazy, this cat is living the best life with its human. Cathode, is this cat’s name and she gets to tag along with its owner on every trip and journey he takes. Its human owner; Rémy Vicarini, took her to his house 6 years ago and they have been best friends ever since. This duo does bike rides, parachuting, mountain climbing and so much more. Rémy, being a very considerate and a very careful cat lover, does not do or take part in any activity that he cannot take Cathode with him. This amazing partnership made a lot of hearts melt as Rémy posted photos of their entourages on his social media accounts. Bonds & friendships are really beautiful and Rémy has just shown us that you can have the best time with your friend even if he/she is not human. This friendship is very popular online and most of the people are so happy about their friendship with a bit of envy towards Cathode.

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