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70+ Amazing Surrealistic Paintings Of Animals

Art has been in this world for a long time and it is still freshening to look at. This is because the talent, skill and the creativity of each artist is different and the mode and the way that artist applies it are new all the time. There are many forms in painting as well.

Surrealism is one such type of art and painting. Originally establishing in the world of art in the 1920s, this became an expression in literature, music, art and many other forms of art. When you look at surrealism, you can clearly find what it makes the art surrealistic. Augmented reality in a dream like state, incorporating real life subjects is mainly what surrealism stands for. It allows the artist creativity to uplift any traditional subject the way they see and imagine it to be.

Meet Jon Ching, a California based artist who practice and excels in surrealistic art. He mainly like to fuse his art with the animal kingdom. As he was growing up in Hawaii in his childhood, Ching had the opportunity to experience the beauty of nature and all the animals in it. Even though he moved into America and got busy with his work, the animal kingdom always inspire him in art. His art with animals with a hint of enchanted magic in them, makes his art work very special. He has been able to grab a big amount of attention on social media platforms and people flow into his profiles to check his work out. We have collected some of his work and listed them down below. Vote your favourite surrealistic art of Ching to the top and you can leave your ideas down in the comments sections below as well!

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