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70 Of The Most Hilarious Cop Movies That Were Created

The entertainment industry has created a very wide range of genres in movie production. There are all sorts of movies out there in the world. The genres differ since the producers, directors, and scriptwriters explore into every aspect of life including fiction. But there are genres that everyone generally loves.

This article brings you a heap of movie posters that are famously loved by people all over the world. And these types of movies are ‘cop’ movies. Police or law enforcement has always been a star element that has been glorified in Hollywood from its beginning. Sheriffs, Vigilante Cowboys, Police Officers, Detectives, and other law enforcement characters have always been in the spotlight.

But despite the heroic attribute, another genre of ‘cop’ movies emerged to turn out very successful. They are the ‘comedy cop movies’. You might exactly know what it is, because this type of movies are too famous for you to not know.

A lot of superstar actors were born in these movies and some have been continuing for generations with their sequels. However the movies are made, they definitely have the pull factor that keeps an audience glued to their seats.

So, we shared some posters of the most loved hilarious ‘cop’ movies in the world. Scroll down to find your favorites and rank them according to your preference on how funny they are. Do not forget to share your thoughts with us in the comments sections as well.