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74 Digital Art Concepts Of Enormous Animals Making This Russian Town A Fantasy Story

Art can take us to many fantasy worlds with the creativity of the creator, AKA the artist. This is a perfect example that proves you can convert the ordinary world into a fairy tale which is very much believable.

This amazing artist is from the Russian town St. Petersburg. Vadim Solovyev, who is born and bread in the town applies his expert digital art manipulations on to the landscape of his own town. These are rendered with realistic photos without using any illustrative editing. He is known on his social media accounts for his expert level in photo manipulation with his skill in photoshop operations. Follow the links mentioned below for more of his amazing work on his Instagram account.

We have listed some photos where Solovyev gives a touch of fantasy the urban landscape of St. Petersburg. Check them out below and upvote your favourite picture to the top. Feel free to comment down your ideas about this artist in the comments sections below.

More info & Photo courtesy: Vadim Solovyev