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75 Amazing Photographs That Were Submitted To The FdB Wedding Photo Contest

Weddings are just a beautiful celebrations in people’s lives where they get to start their lives with their life partner as a different family. They are colorful and very happy social events that different people take different approaches on.

With all the hassle of the preparation. Weddings are known for many of its elements; the dresses, flowers, arrangements, food, family time or even forcing a fake laugh at uncle Tony who you despise. But another major element in a wedding is the photography, the documentation of one of the best moments in life, narrated in a very fairy tale mannered style. These wedding photographers become a huge part of the event.

Even though we see a lot of photography awards and competitions organized for other genres of photography, we do not see much competitions or other events for these wedding photographers to shine. To create a spotlight for these talented photographers, the hold a wedding photography contest every three months to choose the best photographers in the business. We have listed some of the most touching shots that were captured and submitted into the competition by the contestants. Follow the links for more information and photos. Scroll down to check out the photos and also to rank your favourite wedding moment on the list to the top. Please share your valuable comments with us.

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