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60 Architectural Monuments Reimagined By Digital Artists By Putting Them In Different Locations

Architectural structures play a big part in every society to represent the age, society and the time of the human civilization at the time. Even in the modern day structures, they represent the community, the country and a special purpose for them to be made. Tourists have made it one of their primary plans to visit a special monument or a structure, when ever they visit some place or country.

Since these things in each society hold a special value in them, Design Crowd decided to give their digital designing members a challenge in reimagining a monumental structure in the society in a different geographical location and a setting. Since these artists were professional digital artists in handling Photoshop operations, this challenge produced some interesting results in replacing these structures to various places successfully. These photo manipulations were so flawless that these pictures became so popular on their social media platforms.

Due to this high popularity and the special talents of these artists, we have collected a set of photos that this challenge have provided us with. You can scroll down to check out these amazing set of photos. If you want to check out more of their work, please follow the links to their social media accounts and their official website. Do not forget to share your thoughts and ideas in the comments sections.

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