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79 Incredibly Vivid Images Of The Prix De La Photographie Competition 2020 Winners

The world, people and every little thing that is on Earth is quite wonderful and diverse. The artistry of photography captures in their own unique state adding the creative perspective of the photographer. This takes a high skill level and precision. Photographers all over the world capture their subject in their own angles with their personalized style, which makes every photo unique.

As it consist of many niches and genres, the ‘Summer’ theme brings a lot of vivid colors into play and they are very pleasant on our eyes to see. This is exactly why the Paris based Prix De La Photographie competition calls all the photographers around the globe to submit their photographs into this photography competition.

There are submissions happening globally and the entries are still open, until the closing date of 15th of June. So, the opportunity has not passed yet. You can try your shot for this year’s PX3 competition if you hurry your submission in! So, for the photographers and the photo enthusiasts, We have listed down a collection of photos from the last year’s competition. These pictures are of the winners of each category and you might be able get an idea or simply enjoy some beautiful photography below. Don’t forget to comment down your ideas to share your thoughts with us and rate your favourite to the top.

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