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8 Modern Stained-Glass Artists Who Will Blow Your Mind

With all the forms of rt that have been practiced in the world, “Stained glass” is a form of art that is not practiced much today. When people think about this style of art, almost everybody thinks about medieval times where churches were filled with these types of art.

It was mostly practiced in a religious context, which was not a form of public aesthetic. But in the modern age where art is free to be expressed, this form of unpopular art is too being practiced by artists in the world. These sorts of stained-glass installments are found at homes, galleries, and other public & private places as well.

They play with the light and create different shades on the glass as well as with the interior when the light enters through these glasses. Today we present you with 8 modern artists who still practice the “stained-glass” form of art in very aesthetic ways. There are not many people who create art in this form of art.

They have been testing and trying out different forms of art with these glasses. This art form was reserved only with the religious places back in the day, that was the main reason why it was not publicly practiced as an art form for the people. But with the changes of society with time, art is free for everybody and now, these artists can choose any avenue they want to try.

They have become famous on many social media platforms across the world. Many people tune in to have a glimpse of their latest project on “stained glass”. We have listed 8 artists and few photos of what they have been creating. Please click on the source links if you want to check out more about these artists. Also, feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments sections below.


Written by Alex Bradley

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