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8 Photos Of Women Before Vs After Becoming Mothers

People go through many changes through out their life times. Every experience is unique to itself and everything contributes for you to grow as a human. Men and Women go through different phases in according to their genders respectively. But there is one change in life that everyone respects as a very important role in life and also in the world, That is when a woman becomes a mother.

This specific step in a woman’s life is so amazing that she creates a form of life and brings it into this world! There is nothing quite extra ordinary like motherhood. This changes a woman physically, hormonally and also psychologically into a totally new person. Amazed by this unique process that creates and supports life, Photographer Vaida Razmislavičė did a project named as ‘Becoming a mother’. This Lithuanian photographer met a number of mothers and captured their pictures before they were mothers and returned to the same people to take the exact same photograph when they have become a mother.

No words or poems were needed, just the two pictures side by side are enough to see the glow up becoming a mother has given to these women. You can check out her website to know more about her project that she did to celebrate mothers all around the world. We have listed some of those pictures below, please scroll down to witness for yourself what Razmislavičė is trying to show the world. Please share your thoughts with us in the comments section below!

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