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89 Strange Photo Edits By DesignCrowd To Celebrate Halloween

With the arrival of the Spooky celebrations; Halloween, people are getting into all sorts of trends, challenges, and other fun stuff to celebrate this special time of the year. Weird, goofy, and strange things are openly celebrated during this celebration and everyone is welcome to do so.

As always DesignCrowd did not miss this event. They once again gathered their creativity and skills to create yet another set of amazing photo edits. This time, the task was to edit out classical photos in spooky and creepy ways. So, the employees of DesignCrows had to use very famous classic art pieces to do their edits on. So, they would have to preserve the nature of the classic painting and at the same time, give away the best spooky edit they can pull off.

Jo Sabin from the company expressed her views to Bored Panda, saying that they would like to give creative people an opportunity to shine. So, challenges like these do not pop up usually, so Halloween is a great opportunity for them to break through the borders with their creativity. You will not get any orders to redesign a classic painting by morphing some pop-culture horror figure on a normal day. Since it is Halloween, anything is allowed.

This huge collection of edited art was a result of very interested employees at DesignCrowd who rushed to apply their spooky creativity to their work intended. So, for you to check out what they have been up to. We thought of sharing a set of the most creepy edits that these creative minds have produced. Scroll down through the list and upvote your favorite edit out of the bunch to the top of this list. We would love to receive your thoughts about this collection of art in the comments sections below.

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