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9 Endangered Animals Who Are In A Risk Of Extinction

There are many species of animals on Earth and the recent climate change has caused many natural disasters. These disasters, unfavorable living conditions, and human activity have caused a number of endangered animals to drop their numbers even more.

People are concerned about the environment, climate change, and animals in general. But the problem with some animals is that humans don’t even know them since they aren’t seen often. So, awareness and activism are at a low rate. But it doesn’t help these animals to repopulate or at least be safe from extinction. This is the reason the photographer Tim Flach has created his photo series named “Endangered”.

These pictures were taken as a poignant series which is basically capturing them in front of a background rather than their natural habitat. The photographer has done this because this style mimics the human ‘portrait’ photography and this will make people connect more with the animal. Even though getting poignant photos was the plan, Flach has also included pictures that he captured of the animals being in their natural habitat.

This world and its ecosystem are created in a way that every being is important to its operation and survival. In the recent past, humans have been accelerating unplanned deforestation, pollution in all sorts of ways, destruction of wildlife, and so on. These actions make these ecosystems unbalanced and corner animals and plant matter into extinction. It is time to put away the greed and the ignorance. These animals who have the right to live on this planet as much as we do are on the brink of extinction.

We have listed down some of the pictures that are included in Flach’s book. Scroll down and check them out. Please comment on what you think about this in the comments section.

More info & Photo courtesy: Endangered | Tim Flach


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